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We are very proud of offering a variety of courses that can adhere to every age group, with some courses being the very stepping stone one needs to reach success in the world of dance. Whether you are still at a tender age or older with a passion for movement, we can offer a comprehensive course that will be to your satisfaction. 

Specialised recreational ballet classes

for children of ages 3 to 5

R.A.D graded examinations from Pre-Primary and Primary levels to grades1 to 8


R.A.D vocational examinations

leading to performance careers

Complete teacher training courses

leading to qualified teachers of the R.A.D

Adult beginner classes 

suitable for ladies that would like to return to ballet class

Pilates conducted by a fully qualified phsiotherapist and ballet teacher to increase progression in ballet technique

A Yearly school performance is held in a local theatre
for families and friends to enjoy  the progress of the people they love and
the beauty that is ballet dancing.

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