A school built on
passion &
understanding of ballet

our school

Boasting of many success stories that come out of our school, we continue to offer a marvellous teaching experience. Whether their interest in dance is vocational or not, we will ensure that we nurture the talent in a way that is both effective as well as enjoyable. Our school was established in 2001 and the principal, Ms. Joanna Vella, is a fully-registered ballet teacher of The Royal Academy of Dance. In addition, she is a life member of the Academy and an Associate of The Royal Academy of Dance. You can rest assured that your child is in perfect hands as she also holds a teacher’s diploma in anatomy in relation to dance as well as child psychology, child development and learning.

The Royal Academy of Dance 

An international dance institution that recognises
its certificates worldwide. This institution offers a comprehensive course in classical ballet for all age
groups and sends out foreign examiners to examine students in Malta. All examinations follow the syllabus of the R.A.D of London.